Burqa Barbie?



A friend of mine’s mother sent a message today. She attached a picture to the message and said “I would usually laugh at something like this …. but I didn’t even crack a smile this time as it’s the sad truth now and turning into reality in our country; Pakistan”. The picture was of a Barbie doll in a Burqa, which was being sold at Shaheen Chemist in Islamabad.

Apparently, the Taliban have now threatened schools in Islamabad today, which include Froebels, Beacon House, Head Start, and a few others as well.  The message that was portrayed to them was that they should shut down their schools tomorrow or else they would be attacked.

Has it reached to that level where our day to day lives are going to be affected by the fundamentalist – terrorists in our country? Are schools really going to be shut down in fear of being bombed? And is it really a crime to sell a non-burqa barbie doll to a 7 year old girl now?

I am most dissapointed in hearing this and just wanted to see if any of you have any insight on this? Or maybe even an answer to my questions above.



  1. shaheryar mirza · · Reply

    this is disgusting..but i really want to go and check this out..

  2. I do too…can you buy me one from Shaheen Omar?

  3. Pushing Frontiers · · Reply

    well Omar I have no idea who you are. So some info on you would be good.

    Second, if you can answer this question then we can have a conversation.

    Are you a Muslim who happens to be a Pakistani or a Pakistani who happens to be a Muslim.

  4. Thanks for your message. What kind of information would you like? I think we can have a conversation without having to share our personal background as well. That said, I am a Pakistani and am a Muslim as well. What about you?

    Kalsoom, I will buy one for you! Will go check it out soon.

  5. You need to be twittering more during your trip btw. Download twitter-berry for the blackberry and text in your observations!

  6. Pushing Frontiers · · Reply

    Well, it’s understood that you’re both. But unfortunately that’s an easy answer. My question is which identity you would place first – a Pakistani who just happens to be a Muslim? Or a Muslim who just happens to be Pakistani? Your flag first, or your faith first?

  7. Well, I guess the direct answer to your question is that I am a Pakistani who happens to be a Muslim. That’s the identity I would place first followed by religion, which should be personal to the individual.

  8. I don’t think we can even separate the two-we are Pakistani and Muslim at the same time-both of those identities are interwoven in us-but if the person above is wondering if identifying one self as a Muslim means that they have fundamentalist thinking, he’s mistaken-there are hundreds of Muslims in Pakistan who identify themselves as Muslims but DO NOT think like the fundamentalists-identifying oneself as a Muslim does not mean that.

  9. Also Omar Ive seen the Burqa Barbie-its quite sad to see it

    Someone just told me that some men came outside Kiniard and demanded that all the girls cover their heads or acid will be thrown on them,the same ppl went to Lahore Grammar School and complained that there shouldn’t be male teachers teaching girls and worst of all I heard that there was a girl who was in liberty wearing sleeveless at her tailors and the tailor’s assistant put a hot iron on her arm for wearing sleeveless!These incidents hit too close to home since most ppl in Lahore have been in schools like Grammar and Kinaird and everyone freely wanders about in Liberty-its scary to think that fundamentalists are now encroaching areas of our everyday life too.
    The government doesn’t even seem to be stopping this-I cant understand why they’re giving in to all the Taliban’s demands in areas like Swat-giving in to them is empowering them-its only a matter of time before they start coming into the major cities and wreck havoc-burqa clad barbies and the incidents I have mentioned above just show that they are already infiltrating into our major cities and demanding that things happen their way.

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