Picture of the day



Crow – Rockstar

One of the many brilliant paintings by Bilal Maqsood (member of Strings, the Band) based in Karachi, Pakistan.

It’s about 6.5 x 4.5 and if you’re interested, you can send me a message and I can put you in touch with the appropriate contact.



  1. Mariam Maqsood · · Reply

    SUPERstar! 🙂

  2. This is beautiful. I had no idea Bilal was painting as well! Do you have a link to his other paintings? Would be great to see his work.

  3. This is stunning! Sorry for not writing earlier. Didn’t get a chance to go through all the posts yet. I like your blog – it is a good mix of fun filled facts, the news and of course your thoughts :).
    Re: Varun Gandhi – the less said the better.

  4. Amazing! Is there a website with a catalog of the art?

  5. MM – could you kindly reply to these guys?

  6. great piece of work! how does one get in touch with guy to check out the resr of the collection or buy some the work?

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