Good deed of the day

I’m still getting used to this blog so please be patient with me & my random thoughts for now.

I have been away from Pakistan for about a decade now and have missed out on all sorts of different occasions. Whether it was my parents 25th wedding anniversary, the birth of my cousin, or even my best friend’s wedding – you name it and I have missed it. I have always wanted to send a gift or even a card but unfortunately, I have never managed to find the time or made the effort to do so. The one time I did send something from the States; it ended up getting lost for about 45 days in the streets of Lahore even though I had sent it by priority delivery. I was furious, to say the least.

I’m sure a lot of you have already discovered these in the recent past but I recently found a few websites online, which are beyond brilliant. They give you the option of sending cakes, flowers, fruit, balloons, chocolates, dinner vouchers, perfumes, watches, shoes, cell phones, electronics, IPODs, Hotel vouchers, televisions, KFC & Pizza Hut delivery, sadqa qurbanis, baby gifts, and even a generator, which is probably the most useful gift for any Pakistani these days.

I just had a dinner voucher delivered to my cousin & his wife for their engagement in Lahore and thought I would share this with you guys as well. I won’t recommend any specific site but check them out by typing “delivering gifts to Pakistan” in Google and you’ll find quite a few websites. The service & quality are excellent and I have tried quite a few websites by now as well. Sitting at work and browsing the web?

Why not give this a try and have some gulab jamans delivered to your parents for dessert tonight?



  1. this was cute.
    brave of you to be away and if i were you i’d miss home too much to stay away so long. i get homesick on week long trips. lol.
    i need the influx of desis around me, my family next to me and my best friends to be a call away. dont know where ill be in the future, but ‘here’ is just fine for now.

  2. In my experience, is the best of the lot.

  3. Those websites work well, ive used them several times for cakes/flowers even vouchers for dinner at the Marriot.

  4. Hey Omar,

    What websites have you used in the past? Which have worked the best? Thank you so much for your help and excellent post, by the way.


  5. hmm PK..i wonder where u learnt about shopngift?? 😉

  6. Sophie, ShopNGift seems to be the best one. I have gotten flowers, fruit, vouchers, balloons, and pizza hut delivered and on different occasions and they are brilliant!

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