Sex Worker


As some of you may remember from last year… I had moved into a new flat, a refurbished hotel in London, and ended up staying across the hall from a high-class sex worker (I still think it sounds more appropriate than saying she was a prostitute). Keep in mind that since it was previously a had long, slim, hotel-like hallways.

After being bombarded with friends questioning me on what happened with her… I thought it was time that I dedicated a post on this matter.

It was strange (to say the least) to see all sorts of established bankers, lawyers, and business men coming at all sorts of different hours to use her “services”. I’m sure you can imagine the different sounds and activities going on between the hours of 1 am and 5 am so I’ll spare you the details. It did end up getting a bit awkward when we would run into each other in the hallway as she knew that I was aware of everything and was still keeping my mouth shut.

After much consideration, I decided to let it go and not do much about this despite all the advice given to me by friends and family. Being a foreigner in this city… I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to tell the management that I wasn’t t able to sleep because of her activities and level of volume in case I would have to get involved in any legal matters. I’m pretty sure I wanted to avoid any confrontation with her pimps since I had seen one shouting at her earlier. So.. the bottom line is that I decided to get over it, put up with the loud knocks and thumps, learn to ignore the drunken fights between the sex worker and her clients, and sleep through the shrieks coming from her room in the middle of the night.

The good news is that I finally left the place a few months ago and have moved into another apartment complex in the W2 area in London. The bad news is that it’s facing a hotel and I have been told by a friend who lives above me that there are some strange activities going there as well.

Apparently she may have even seen my old neighbor in one of the hotel rooms!

Stay tuned for more details.. ha ha!


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