Promoting Prostitution



Promoting Prostitution?
July – ’07

A friend of mine was visiting for a few days so I’ve had a hectic weekend but enjoyed catching up with him as well.

I dropped him at his cousin’s place on Sunday evening and decided to walk it home as the weather was nice, which is rare for a city like London.

Just to give you a bit of background before I go on with the story, Sussex Gardens is known for its prostitution and illegal activities in the middle of the night and unfortunately, it’s on the way home for me.

Well, I was walking down Sussex Gardens and listening to my IPOD when I noticed that this Latino lady walking quickly towards me.  Since these women tend to approach anything that is walking on the street, I was not too flattered and continued walking right past her until …

Omar: *tip top tip top (walking sound)*
Prostitute: Excuse me! (shakira type accent)
Omar: *shuffle shuffle (pausing IPOD and trying to avoid eye contact with the latina) Yes?
Prostitute: Are you looking for someone?
Omar: No (as I continued to tip top my way ahead of her)
Prostitue: Are you Javier? (Pronounced Havier of course)
Omar: *looking back* …No

As I continued to walk down Sussex Gardens… I decided to flip through my IPOD to try to find some more music for the rest of the walk.

As I was walking along and humming to my music, a South American guy literally walked right into me. The poor guy was saying “excuse me” for quite some time but since I was blasting my music on my headphones, I couldn’t hear a thing.

Random Stranger: Excuse me? (Very loudly)
Omar: Yes?
Random Stranger: Are you from here?
Omar: Well, I have been here for a few years now
Random Stranger: Do you know this place well?
Omar: Sure, I moved here a few months ago and am quite familiar with the area. Can I help you? Are you trying to find a …
Random Stranger: (cutting me off) Where are sex women?
Omar: Excuse me?
Random Stranger: Where can I find the woman for sex? (as he looks straight in my eyes and desperate for some direction)
Omar: Oh, I’m not sure, sorry.
Random Stranger: Fine (as he quickly crossed the street and continued walking …)
Omar: Umm, actually if you go straight ahead, you will find a few women on the side alleys over there..
Random Stranger: Thank you (as he turned around and continued to walk with a huge grin!)
Omar: (I turn back) Are you Javier?
Random Stranger: YES (in excitement and keen to find his Latina Lover)
Omar: Well…um, this woman was looking for you… Just walk a few minutes down this road and she is on the right side.
Random: Thank you (as he starts jogging!)
Omar: Um, no problem?

As I continued walking to Lancaster Gate, I was disturbed with what had just happened. I can’t believe that I just helped a client find his prostitue. I took out my cell phone and called a friend of mine to share what had just happened. Unfortunately, my friend didn’t want to focus on my story and just continued to shout at me – “Why did you stop when a stranger approached you? Not once, but twice! Don’t ever speak to strangers!!!”

I guess the moral of the story is not to speak with random strangers on the street. ha ha!


One comment

  1. Omar, you are a good writer, but tell me this, why does every writer make himself look like someone with the highest degree of morality and conscience, why do they show themselves as someone who can not do wrong, when in fact, everyone has a dark side and character flaws. Why don’t they just be themselves?

    OK, so you helped a prostitute, what I am wondering is what caused you to be disturbed by the thought of helping a prostitute? I mean, you do know prostitution happens, Your tone, and everything in the last paragraph sounds a little pretentious, and shallow.

    I am sorry, if I am being a little too blunt, and you take this as an offense. You are an artist, and an artist has to take criticism, and not have his ego damaged. There are people who just give you ego boost regardless of your work, and when you enter the real world, you become shattered and discover how empty those flattering words were. Anyways, good luck with all your writing….

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